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Our Story

Since 1996 we have been developing and updating our OSHA programs in a manner that is practical for our clients. Our founder, Tracy Wale, has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years with a strong background in healthcare compliance, licensure and certification. Starting out as a dialysis nurse and working in the level III neonatal intensive care unit Tracy learned that things don't always come easy. Her career progressed to nursing administration, where she held the position of Director of Maternal/Child Nursing Services for many years, focusing on program development, accreditation and licensure.

As an adjunct to her nursing career, Tracy started this company when called upon by a friend in private practice, to develop his OSHA compliance programs and infection control protocols. A need was identified in private practice, and Compliance Alliance was born -- the goal: help others find an easier means to becoming compliant with all of the regulations that face healthcare. After 15 years in business the industry continues to grow and change making compliance an ever changing challenge that her and her team welcome with open arms. She speaks at conferences throughout the United States bringing the most current OSHA, CDC and state guidelines to members of the medical and dental community in a manner that is fun and energetic.

The growth of Compliance Alliance began with the addition of Danielle Neuman, our Program Coordinator, who has been with the company since 1998 and remains a vital member of our staff. Danielle is usually the cheerful helpful voice you hear when you call us with questions and concerns.  Danielle is our Project Manager, Scheduling Coordinator and Program Director all in one.  Don’t hesitate to ask Danielle questions as she can help you with most requests.

In 2000 Angie Dotts-Corry became the next member of the Compliance Alliance team, as a Certified Healthcare Safety Professional she increased the depth and knowledge of the company. She started off with Compliance Alliance as our first Safety Engineer and helped produce the basis for many of the program documents you currently have in your binders today. After a brief hiatus Angie returned to Compliance Alliance and continues to contribute through interim site evaluations and by producing the monthly newsletters.

Janette Atkins joined Compliance Alliance in 2003 and is a primary contact for many of our facilities as our Safety Engineer. Janette started off in the company as an Administrative Assistant and has performed many of the roles throughout Compliance Alliance and can assist you with any questions or concerns. She is most commonly found in our offices checking up on progress of your Assessment of Hazards and binder work as well as continuation of safety objectives throughout the year. Janette provides a wealth of knowledge of OSHA standards and CDC guidelines.

Prudence is the newest member of Compliance Alliance and is a vital member of our MSDS team.  Prudence is what we would call our utility player; she delivers materials, coordinates MSDS research, maintains accounts payable and receivable, sends out client reminders, and produces custom tailored laminated signage.  Prudence will complete binder reviews with your staff upon delivery of your OSHA Program to ensure you start off on the right foot.