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OSHA for Dentists

We understand that your practice is most important to you.  It is not just your place of employment but it is a home you have built for yourself.  On-going changes to regulatory statues can become demanding and at times overwhelming; in addition to expensive and time consuming. 

Compliance Alliance is your Solution and will assume the burden of preparing, teaching, and writing your OSHA and Infection Control Programs.  With your practice protected by our warranty you will be free to go back to your specialty - treating patients and changing lives.

Bottom Line

  • Nevada instituted a Severe Enforcement Program effective Oct. 1, 2010 that has resulted in more stringent enforcement, increased numbers of citations, higher classification of penalties which results in higher overall minimum fines.
  • Sedation Permit Inspection passage does not guarantee passing an OSHA inspection.
  • In addition to OSHA and the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners you could be cited and/or fined for non- compliance by the Fire Dept, Health Dept, CLIA and Radiologic Health.
  • You must provide every employee with OSHA training every year.
  • Lack of documentation is the #1 cause of citation.
  • Nevada OSHA regulations are different from Federal OSHA regulations.
  • Generic OSHA manuals do not meet Nevada requirements.
  • Every occupationally exposed employee must be offered a series of 3 hepatitis B vaccinations within 10 days of employment and then have a titer drawn 30-60 days after the completion of the series.
    • Employees who were previously vaccinated must sign Appendix A and decline the hepatitis B vaccination or citations will be given and fines levied.