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Free Inspections

“OSHA compliance is like your taxes, something you don’t want to do yourself.  This is the reason we hire CPAs.”

Do you want to know if your office is OSHA compliant?

We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL On-Site Inspections osha online training

  • We inspect the top 40 areas most cited in violation
  • Gap analysis is performed on your OSHA program
  • You will receive an estimated total of fines
  • Your practice receives a full copy of our Inspection
  • We do not disturb your practice while performing an inspection
  • No one outside your office will ever know what we discussed
  • This is a free service with no commitment required
  • No interruption of production

What happens during an On-Site Inspection?
During our Inspection, a trained OSHA Compliance Manager will:

  • Spend approximately 45 minutes on a walkthrough of your practice
  • Take 10 minutes to explain our findings with the Doctor and Office Manager or OSHA Officer
  • Be sure that your patients are not disturbed during the inspection
  • Answer all questions or concerns about what was discussed
  • Give pricing information if future assistance is needed and desired