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In the event of a Wage and Hour Audit or OSHA inspection, current labor law posters matter.  Each facility must post the most accurate version of required federal and state labor law posters in a readily visible location – failure to comply will result in citations and fines.  You probably have some posters in your break room but if you review these posters, are they four different versions of the same poster and do you really know if any one of them is the current version?  Labor law posters are routinely updated throughout the year, so even if you buy posters annually this does not guarantee compliance!! Keeping up-to-date with these postings could very well drive you to the brink!

Federal posting requirements include TEN posters. In addition to these ten:

  • State of Nevada requires THIRTEEN additional posters
  • State of Arizona requires NINE additional posters
  • State of Utah requires THREE additional posters

Poster Solution

For your convenience, Compliance Alliance will supply you with Custom Labor Law Posters, which include federal and state posting requirements on a single laminated poster.  Our all-in-one poster is fully compliant with current federal and state labor laws.  In addition, depending on your choice of Solutions, we will provide interim updates as they arise and mail them directly to you – taking the guess work out of posting requirements!