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STAT Response Program

So OSHA has shown up at your front desk and your office is quickly becoming a ghost town as people exit through doors you didn’t even know you had.  You have never been through an OSHA inspection before, and unfortunately you are the one holding the short straw.  So now what do you do?  Well if you have Compliance Alliance as your OSHA Solution we make it simple…you call US.

  • Compliance Alliance manages all parts of an OSHA inspection.
  • We immediately respond and conduct the inspection with the OSHA Enforcement Officer.
    • This inspection typically includes a wall-to-wall audit, photographs to support violations, review of written documentation, review of practice’s policies and procedures, and interviews with staff.
  • Providing you have taken advantage of the Platinum OSHA Solutions we provide your next step will be to sit back, relax, and continue with business as usual, we handle the rest of the inspection, mitigation, and closure.

Why should I have Compliance Alliance handle an inspection for me?

  • Compliance Alliance has been part of countlessOSHA inspections.
  • With each of these inspections we have had a chance to interact with OSHA Enforcement Officers and have built a rapport with most of them.
  • We are well versed in the inspection process, the documents the OSHA Enforcement Officers are requesting, and what is required of you as an employer.
  • We spend hours each day reading over rules and regulations and can defend your practice from any citations issued.

What if I want Compliance Alliance to help me after an inspection has occurred?

  • Compliance Alliance can step in at any stage of an inspection and provide comprehensive Solutions and complete the inspection process.
  • We will conduct multi-level conferences to mitigate citations and reduce or negate penalties/fines.

What would my fines be if I have a Compliance Alliance written warranty?

  • See our warranty provided with our Platinum OSHA Solutions.