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Compliance Alliance understands that you are trusting us with a vital part of your business.  Our warranty serves as affirmation that we stand behind our Solutions and gives you peace of mind that if you should be part of an OSHA inspection are covered.

What is warranted?

  • Training
  • Written materials

What happens if our training or written materials do not satisfy OSHA standards?

  • We are responsible for the fines* (See contract for further details)

Does this mean once training is conducted and written materials are in my office I will be “done” with OSHA?

  • No.  You will still need to rectify things in your office to become OSHA compliant.  We will provide you with a certified hazard assessment detailing any and all things that need to be addressed and/or resolved within your location.  While remaining OSHA compliant takes ongoing commitment, Compliance Alliance Solutions build your programs and teaches your staff how to maintain them.

How do I receive this warranty?

  • Our warranty is offered exclusively with our Platinum Solution